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credit card info

Credit Card Authorization Information


Please copy and submit all below -agreement and contract- to: info@RentMyDumpster.com if you are paying over the phone.

Please reply and sent this email to info@RentMyDumpster.com to authorize a credit card charge.
You authorize ”Rent My Dumpster” to charge your credit card for a dumpster rental.
Listed below is the information needed:

  1. Credit card number, expiration date and CVN –three digits on back of card.
  2. Name and address on the card.
  3. The amount to be charged.
  4. The address where the dumpster is being delivered to.-Street and City.
  5. Today’s date and the date of the delivery.
  6. Location where you want the dumpster place.—Looking at the house from the street. Left or right side of drive.
  7. Name of the person replying to this email. (Credit card holder or representative).

If the dumpster rental order is canceled before the delivered date there will be a $25.00 cancelation fee.
If the dumpster rental order is canceled on the delivery date there will be a $100.00 cancelation fee.

Listed below is a contract listing requirements to follow

Thank you,
Rent My Dumpster

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